New Board Members 2022

2022 results. Thank you to those that responded with an EOI. Elections were not required.

The successful board members to serve the next term commencing November 2022 are as below:

  • Condamine (SQ Landscapes) MaryLou Gittins OAM
  • Murray Darling (SQ Landscapes) Craig Magnusson
  • Northern Gulf & Southern Gulf (Gulf Savannah NRM/Southern Gulf) John Brisbin
  • SEQ Region (Healthy Land & Water) Michael Bond
  • South West QLD (SQ Landscapes) Adma Sargood
  • Wet Tropics (Terrain) Jeffery Baines

Our other regional directors are continuing until the next round of elections.

Brian Venz retired from the position as SEQ director at the 2022 AGM













If you are considering expressing your interest in becoming a QWaLC Board Member please read the information below to ensure you have a good understanding of what is entailed.

Expressions of interests are sought for positions in the following QWALC regions:

  • Condamine (SQ Landscapes)
  • Murray Darling (SQ Landscapes)
  • Northern Gulf & Southern Gulf (Gulf Savannah NRM/Southern Gulf)
  • SEQ Region (Healthy Land & Water)
  • South West QLD (SQ Landscapes)
  • Wet Tropics (Terrain)

Please note both you and your group must be located in region that relates to your EOI.

Once you have read the information below and would like to express your interest in becoming Board Member, you can then complete the online Expression of Interest (EOI) form no later than Friday 30th September 2022 by clicking here.

Thank you for interest in becoming a Board Member of Queensland Water and Land Carers (QWaLC).
This can be an extremely rewarding experience and can bring a great deal of personal satisfaction. At the same time Board Members are asked for dedication to the organisation’s members, its legal responsibilities and ethical values.

Board Members have the opportunity to make a difference for the Natural Resource Management on ground volunteer sector through their leadership, by making new contacts and networking with peers to share and increase knowledge about regional natural resource management.

The Board consists of up to eleven Regional Board Members, as well as statewide-appointed specialist positions (as required). Meetings are usually held quarterly at various locations around Queensland (Covid rules allowing and available funding), otherwise, they are held online.

The term is three years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

A brief role description for the Queensland Water and Land Carers Board Members is outlined below.

The basics of QWaLC Board expectations:

  • Attend meetings and actively participate in making decisions.
  • Read reports and other documents prior to Board meetings.
  • Support and ensure executive committee members are carrying out their duties.
  • Participate in Board sub-committees / working groups.
  • Attend to other tasks as they arise.

The following QWaLC regions are eligible for an EOI include:

  • Condamine (SQ Landscapes)
  • Murray Darling (SQ Landscapes)
  • Northern Gulf & Southern Gulf (Gulf Savannah NRM/Southern Gulf)
  • SEQ Region (Healthy Land & Water)
  • South West QLD (SQ Landscapes)
  • Wet Tropics (Terrain)

Ideally in your region:

  • Attend every AGM of the NRM Regional Body and other major meetings as appropriate.
  • Call each of the groups in your region at least once a year.
  • Attend the major catchment groups or networks AGM and major meetings where possible.
  • Listen to members and discuss their concerns, bringing these to the CEO/Board as appropriate.
  • Engage with:
    – Local Members of Parliament
    – Regional Agricultural Landcare Facilitator
    – CEO / Chair of your NRM Regional Body
    – Local Government

About QWaLC
Queensland Water and Land Carers Inc (QWaLC) is the peak body for community Natural Resource Management volunteer groups in Queensland. We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation, established in 2003 to support community volunteers in achieving sustainable resources use. We represent – volunteer community groups via the election of a Community based Board across eleven regions in Queensland. There are currently more than 460 groups, comprising approximately 38,000 members/volunteers.

  • Advocates – participate in the decision and policymaking process of governments, representing the aspirations, needs and concerns of our members.
  • Networks – facilitate the exchange of strategies, information, skills and resources. Develop and improve links between volunteer NRM groups, regional organisations and government agencies.
  • Promotes – the work of groups and individual volunteers in Natural Resource Management.
  • Insurance – administration of insurance policies and good governance resources
  • QWaLC is a founding member of the National Landcare Network. Funding is received from the Queensland Government, Commonwealth Government, National Landcare Network and Landcare Australia Ltd.

If you have any questions, please contact:

MaryLou Gittins OAM (Chair) by email 


Darryl Ebenezer (CEO)
Tel: 0407 696 792 or by email