Our Role

We support community-based approaches to managing and protecting our natural resources – creating more productive and sustainable farms, conserving our environment and building more cohesive and resilient communities. We support members and communities with information about governance, insurance and volunteerism. We enable farmers, landowners and conservationists to work together at a local level on local issues. We are a representative body for our members – regions, networks, groups and individuals. We promote and advocate for ecologically sustainable development across Queensland in partnership with governments, philanthropists and the wider community. As Queensland’s peak body for natural resource management volunteers, QWaLC fulfils the following roles on behalf of its membership of over 40,000 people and 500 groups.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution is the overarching document that defines many of our planning, operational and governance requirements. Download a copy here

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2023

Our Strategic Plan is the overarching document that defines our direction and priorities. A copy of the Strategy can be found here


QWaLC supports an extensive community network that encompasses volunteer natural resource management groups, regional bodies, government representatives and industry personnel.

Bringing people, ideas, and information together is at the heart of what we do. We link our members into a lively, proactive network of natural resource groups, government bodies, local organizations, philanthropics and businesses, making sure there’s a solid exchange of the crucial info and resources everyone needs.


Our aim is to provide a sense of security for our member organisations. We extend comprehensive insurance coverage to Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, Waterwatch, Wildlife, Community Gardens, First Nations and other conservation groups, as well as regional and sub-regional entities, empowering them to manage risks proactively. We support members and communities by providing essential information concerning good governance, risk mitigation, insurance, and volunteer engagement.

As a result of our understanding of the needs of NRM volunteers, the Department of Resources entrusts QWaLC with the administration of three insurance policies. We manage three policies: (Policy documents below)

  • NFP Association Liability policy wording QWaLC
  • Public and Products Policy Wording QWaLC
  • Voluntary Workers Wording QWaLC

For the latest policies go to our Current insurance Information Page 


Our members are achieving great things and making a practical difference every day. We are committed to promoting the substantial contributions and accomplishments of these groups as well as the individual volunteers involved – not merely to confer recognition, but also to heighten awareness regarding the significance of their endeavours.

QWaLC is dedicated to promoting the achievements of natural resource management volunteers across the state.

QWaLC is supported by Landcare Australia to coordinate the Queensland Landcare Awards. This is the state’s most prestigious natural resource management Awards process, with many regional and industry winners entering for the chance to then be considered for a National Landcare Award.


We represent and support local, community-based initiatives aimed at managing, enhancing and protecting our natural resources – facilitating the transition towards more productive and sustainable agricultural practices, the preservation of our natural environment and the fostering of stronger, more resilient communities.

A representative board is a core pillar to the overall make up of QWaLC – and it ensures that community volunteers have an opportunity to participate and contribute to policies and issues that specifically relate to their region at a localised level. It is the role of the board representatives to ensure that they actively engage with member groups and put forward their views and opinions at State and Federal levels.


We empower our member groups to attain significant outcomes by proactively representing their interests and concerns to community, all levels of government and other decision makers. Our goal is to shape decision-making and policy formulation processes in ways that enhance the work of our members.

QWaLC exists in Queensland to advocate specifically on behalf of our members and natural resource management volunteers. The volunteer natural resource management sector is vital to the Queensland economy, investing many hours of volunteers time into environmental outcomes. QWaLC role is to ensure that this contribution is an important consideration in any decisions made regarding the voluntary natural resource management sector.