Insurance coverage for unincorporated groups

Important insurance information for unincorporated groups.

Please Note: Unincorporated Associations

Unincorporated associations are organisations with no separate legal identity from that of its members. These organisations have no legal existence separate from their members. Liability of the members is generally personal and not limited. Therefore, committee members may personally bear the financial responsibilities of their unincorporated group. If actions are brought against the group, legal responsibility must be placed somewhere, and such responsibility will generally be allocated to the committee, the secretary or the person signing a document in question.

Insurance Coverage

Some of QWaLC’s community NRM groups are not incorporated. Groups can use the following methods of having their activities covered by insurance.

Coverage by an Incorporated Community NRM Group

Under previous policies, groups that were covered by the Department of Natural Resources and Water’s insurance policies could cover ‘subgroups’. These were other NRM groups in the area that would register as a subgroup of the insured group.

The QWaLC policy now enables an insured group to cover individuals who are carrying out authorised activities of an insured group.

Contact QWaLC if you would like the name of your neighbouring insured group.

Fictitious example

The Friends of Putna Creek group did not want to become incorporated. They asked their neighbouring incorporated group, Wallamy Landcare Group, if they could be covered under their insurance. Wallamy Landcare Group agreed. Before The Friends of Putna Creek host a tree planting they inform Wallamy Landcare Group. Wallamy Landcare Group agree to authorise the event verbally and make a note of it in their records. Friends of Putna Creek provide a sign-up sheet on the day of their tree planting, and give a copy of this sheet to Wallamy Landcare Group. Now Wallamy Landcare Group have a record of the individuals that were carrying out its authorised activities and that were covered by its insurance policies.

Coverage by Local Councils

Some groups have their activities covered by the local council. Contact your local council to find out if this is a possibility.

Apply for Membership

QWaLC offers membership to community NRM volunteer groups. This includes groups such as, Landcare inc Coastcare, Bushcare, Catchment Associations, Species-specific protection groups and Friends of groups.

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