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QWaLC offers membership to community NRM volunteer groups. This includes groups such as Landcare (Coastcare, Bushcare etc), Catchment Associations, Species-specific protection groups and Friends-of groups.

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Groups that are incorporated may be eligible for insurance coverage through their membership with QWaLC.

We do accept groups that are not incorporated. These groups still receive the services provided by QWaLC as the peak body for NRM volunteers. Please make a note on your ‘Application for Registration as a Community NRM Volunteer Group’ if you do not wish to receive insurance coverage.

The Membership application process

  • Groups must return an ‘Application for membership form’ to QWaLC. Please make sure to attach a copy of your group’s constitution to this application.
  • The application is sent to two assessors to determine if the group carries out community environmental ¬†activities.
  • Within 10 working days of receiving an application, the assessors advise QWaLC in writing if they recommend the group be registered with QWaLC
  • If the group is approved for membership, QWaLC will send an email advising the group of their membership with a membership certificate. We will then email the certificates of currency to the group. (Insurance Policies are available online)
  • Once registered, groups become a part of QWaLC’s information network. Groups will receive information on various opportunities for NRM groups and access to QWaLC’s other member services.


Groups must supply a copy of their constitution with their application. However, some groups have difficulty locating this document due to executive changes. If you can’t find a copy of your constitution, contact the Office of Fair Trading, as they file a copy when a group becomes incorporated.

Alternatively, you can complete a new copy of your constitution. The Office of Fair Trading provides a template document called ‘Model Rules’ that can be filled out.

MODEL RULES PDF (Office of Fair Trading website)