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QWaLC offers membership to community NRM volunteer groups. This includes groups such as Landcare (Coastcare, Bushcare etc), Catchment Associations, Community Gardens, Indigenous Corporations, Species-specific protection groups and Friends-of groups. Your group must be a not for profit entity. 

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Groups that become members may be considered to receive insurance coverage through their membership with QWaLC.

The Membership application process

  • Groups must complete the online membership application. Please make sure to attach a copy of your group’s constitution/model rules to this application.
  • The application is assessed by QWaLC directors.
  • Within 15 working days of receiving an application a decision will be advised.
  • If the group is approved for membership, QWaLC will send an email advising the group of their membership with a membership certificate. If insurance coverage is offered we will then email the certificates of currency to the group. (Insurance Policy wordings are available online)
  • Once registered as members, groups become a part of QWaLC’s information network. Groups will receive information on various opportunities for members and access to QWaLC’s other member services.

Constitutions/Model Rules

Groups must supply a copy of their constitution or an extract of the aims/objects with their application. However, some groups have difficulty locating this document due to executive changes. If you can’t find a copy of your constitution, contact the Office of Fair Trading, as they file a copy when a group becomes incorporated.

You may need to update your constitution. The Office of Fair Trading provides a template document called ‘Model Rules’ that can be used.

MODEL RULES PDF (Office of Fair Trading website)