Everyone’s Environment Grants

Application form and tips

The new Department of Environment and Heritage Protection have announced a new grant aimed at community groups. with $12 million being offered over three years, there is the potential with this grant to fund some exciting projects. the application for this grant is simple and straight forward, and the final reporting will follow the same lines.

QWaLC met with Mr. John Monico from the Department and have come up with some comments from that meeting.

Tips for a successful application

  • Use the regional NRM Ttargets as a guideline for your response. Show how you project aligns with these targets. Follow the link to the list of regional NRM bodies and the regional NRM targets.
  • Think through your whole project cycle and explain how you will set-up, complete and maintain the final product
  • Partner with other groups in your area. These can be other landcare groups, schools, sports clubs, scouts etc.
  • Approach your local council and regional NRM bodies to discuss working with them on your project. In your application, be mindful of the value of the in-kind support provided by these organisations
  • Try fresh ideas to encourage volunteer participation in your project

QWaLC is very interested in any feedback you may have on this grant and happy to help in any capacity, so fell free to contact the office. Good luck!

Application Form

Application Guidelines