Everyone’s Environment Grant

Successful Round 1 Applicants

Forty-one worthy recipients (PDF)* will receive almost $1,300,000 for their projects that tackle environmental degradation and protect the State’s natural assets.

More than 200 submissions were received for Round One of the grants program totalling almost $9 million in funding requests.

These included projects to create community and school gardens, protect wildlife habitat for threatened, protected and iconic species, clean-up creeks, waterways and other local areas, control pests and weeds, and restore degraded landscapes.

Announcement of the remaining Round One grants recipients (Phase 2) will take place in January 2013.

Round 2 will be launched in mid-2013.

Everyone has a part to play in finding ways to clean up, repair and restore the local environment, use natural resources more wisely, and live more sustainably.

The Everyone’s Environment grants program works with Queensland community groups and like-minded organisations to tackle environmental degradation in their local areas.

Initiatives under this grants program will reflect local and regional priorities and applicants are encouraged to partner with local schools and councils.

What activities are funded?

The grants provide funding for activities that improve the local environment, including:

  • tree planting and restoring degraded land
  • community clean up
  • cleaning up our waterways
  • run-off reduction and water quality improvement
  • enhancing the natural beauty of local communities
  • monitoring the level of pollutants in streams etc.

Who can apply?

Everyone’s Environment grants are targeted at established local community groups that support or protect the natural environment, including:

  • parents and citizens’ groups on behalf of public and private schools
  • Landcare, Coastcare, Bushcare, Rivercare groups
  • established and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups
  • local scout groups
  • Rotary and Lions groups
  • catchment groups
  • environmental and conservation organisations
  • natural resource management (NRM) and other like-minded volunteer groups.

Local governments will have the opportunity to become valuable project partners by contributing matching funds, including in-kind contributions.

How much funding is available?

Over the next three years, $12 million will be available through annual rounds of funding. Depending on the extent of environmental initiatives being funded, individual grants can range between $2,000 and $100,000.

When can I apply?

Submissions have now closed for Round 1 of Everyone’s Environment grants.

Successful projects are scheduled to be announced and funding provided commencing December 2012.

Round 2 will be launched in mid-2013.

Am I eligible?

The best thing to do is read the grant guidelines (PDF, 126K)*

which provides information on eligibility, applying for the grant and how much to apply for.

Below are a few things to keep in mind when considering your project for funding:

  • How much do the activities contribute to improving the local environment?
  • How will you manage the project and set clear accountabilities?
  • Is it good value for money?
  • Have you considered partnering with community groups, local schools or businesses to bolster your project?
  • Is this a priority for your local area?
  • Can you encourage volunteering or become involved in local environmental programs?
  • How will your project be maintained long-term?
  • What are your goals, program of activities, milestones and potential risks?

Some additional information will also be required, including letters of support and permissions, or proof of ownership, of the land where work will take place.

Frequently asked questions

Read some of the frequently asked questions (PDF, 62K)*.

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