Maintaining A Group

The next framework for landcare launched

The Australian Framework for Landcare has been developed by the Landcare community to help guide Landcare over the next ten years (2010-2020).

In 2009 a cross section of community Landcarers agreed that the first community-driven Australian Framework for Landcare should be developed. The framework builds on two decades of knowledge, experience and achievements to address a range of current and emerging environmental challenges. The Framework is a guide for Landcarers and sets out the vision, main features, guiding principles and key elements of the Landcare approach.

The Landcare approach comprises:

  • a philosophy, influencing the way people live in the landscape while caring for the land – the Landcare ethic
  • Local community action putting the philosophy into practice – the Landcare movement founded on stewardship and volunteerism
  • A range of knowledge generation, sharing and support mechanisms including groups, networks (from local to national), facilitators and coordinators, government and non-government partnerships – the Landcare model

Landcare is based on the concept and practice of community members providing their time and energy to identify, plan and implement on-ground works. Landcare as a concept exists in urban, coastal, rural, remote areas and Indigenous communities working on private and public land.

The Framework was developed by the Australian Framework for Landcare Reference Group, which consisted of Landcare community members. The reference group has ensured that views expressed by the Landcare community are reflected accurately in the Framework document.

The final print version of the Australian Framework for Landcare was launched on 8 September 2010 in Sydney by Coral Love, Chair of the Australian Framework for Landcare Reference Group.

The Australian Framework for Landcare

Community Call for Action

The Community Call for Action is the ‘implementation’ plan that supports the Australian Framework for Landcare.

The Community Call for Action will act as a guide to stakeholders and prospective partners, including industry, corporations, governments at all levels and regional and catchment organisations, as to how they can engage with Landcarers and support Landcare into the future.

Tips on developing a project

In these days of cost/benefit and accountability, to have any realistic chance of funding, a project must be more than just a good idea.

Even in the initial stages, thought needs to be given to researching material that will support both the need for the project and its potential for success.