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Qld Govt Environmental Recovery Grants

“Funding will be on the table for projects like protecting and restoring strategic habitats, survey and monitoring projects, the development of conservation and recovery plans, or activities that will reduce the impact of pest animals on the threatened species such as nest protection activities.

Sub-package C—Biodiversity Conservation Program

The Biodiversity Conservation Program has $1.425 million allocated and will be managed as a grant program.

The objective of the Biodiversity Conservation Program is to provide funding assistance to:

  • mitigate impacts on species and habitat resulting from the recent flooding events
  • habitats are restored and reconnected for threatened species
  • improve the population trajectories of target threatened species in the catchment area.

Program guidelines

Download a copy of the Biodiversity Conservation Program (Flood Recovery) guidelines (PDF, 702 KB) and project details form (XLSX, 73 KB).

Eligible applicants include

  • Natural resource management bodies
  • First Nation corporations
  • Community groups
  • Local government authorities
  • Non-government organisations
  • Research institutions.

Key dates

  • Applications open: 5 December 2022
  • Applications close:  20 January 2023
  • Assessment and approval of successful applications:  March 2023
  • Expected announcement of successful applicants:  March 2023.