Two of Queensland’s regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups, Condamine Alliance and South West NRM Ltd, have announced they will partner from July 2016. The announcement follows months of negotiations and under the terms of agreement, the two organisations will move to a shared services model and joint Chief Executive Officer. Condamine Alliance Chief Executive Officer, Phil McCullough will transition to shared role from 4 July 2016. Mr McCullough said the partnership would provide significant benefits for both organisations and great opportunities for the future.

“The formal partnership provides an opportunity for both organisations to work more efficiently across all facets of the business. By moving to a shared platform, we can streamline our services, reduce administrative costs and improve access to knowledge, people and skills,” he said.

Both organisations have a shared legacy of working alongside regional and rural communities to repair and conserve the environment and to support sustainable production which allows landholders to make a living off the land.

“By working together, we can achieve our mission to protect water, land and wildlife for future generations, and continue to foster healthy, sustainable and productive communities,” said outgoing South West NRM CEO, Mary-Anne Healy.

“Our shared values reflect a clear determination to work more efficiently across the South West and Condamine catchments, and improve our on-ground outcomes,” she said.

The partnered organisations will have a combined workforce of 23 people based in Toowoomba and Charleville. Together, they will continue to support local landholders, community, Landcare and Indigenous groups across both catchments through a wide range of programs and funding initiatives.

“Our partnership will provide more security for our staff, stakeholders and the wider community, said Mr McCullough. “Although we will remain as two separate entities, our people, culture and drive to support our communities will come together into one, streamlined force.”

Media Contact: Hannah Hoffman, Communications Officer