This is welcome news for #queensland as the struggle to address #fireants continues. It is also pleasing to see how #qwalc has been able to advocate for our #qwalcmembers for important investment.

SUCCESS 🙌 Earlier this year Queensland Water and Land Carers joined a coalition of organisations calling on government to invest more in eradicating one of the world’s worst invasive pests: fire ants.
Now, over the weekend, National Agriculture Minister Murray Watt has announced an extra $268 million in federal funding to combat the their spread!
This funding couldn’t come at a more critical time. Fire ants endanger our environment, native species and agricultural industries, and over the last year their numbers have not only surged, but they’ve been found just five kilometres from the NSW border.
A big congratulations to Queensland Water and Land Carers, the Invasive Species Council and the coalition.
Read more about the funding announcement here: