The Gambling Community Benefit Fund’s first $100,000 super round (Round 113) is now open and will close at midnight on 31 March 2022.

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) is Queensland’s largest one-off community grants program and distributes approximately $60 million each year to not-for-profit community groups. The GCBF allocates funding to these groups to help them provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

Commencing in 2022, the GCBF funding program will change. There will be 4 funding rounds, with 3 rounds having grants available of up to $35,000 and 1 super round with grants of up to $100,000 available. The closing dates will be:

  • 28 February—Super Round (delayed to 31 March 2022)
  • 31 May
  • 31 August
  • 31 October.

To check eligibility requirements and understand your organisation’s responsibilities throughout all stages of the grant funding process, read the guidelines for GCBF applicants with the instructions for applying for and using the GCBF grant. Contact the GCBF team on 1800 633 619 if you need help.