QWaLC is pleased to be partnering with the Invasive Species Council to promote their latest tool BUG HUNT. We encourage you to get involved in this great citizen science project. It’s easy to do and complements the work you’re doing out in the field already.
When you take part in the Bug Hunt you can satisfy your curiosity, be entertained, learn along the way, and contribute to biosecurity all at once; and you don’t have to be an expert at all to identify your bugs.
There are thousands of awesome native bugs waiting to be discovered in your backyard, as well as some non-native ones our bug-ologists would like to keep an eye on! Help us monitor the spread of bees, ants, snails and other bugs by joining the #BugHunt!
It’s a great activity for the whole family! Best of all, participating is as easy as snapping a few photos with your phone!
Find out how to become a Citizen Scientist today: https://invasives.org.au/our-work/bug-hunt/