Landcare Webinar Series – Register Today 

The Landcare Webinar Series is helping to bring together the many people involved in a diverse range of landcare activities across Australia. You can access this wealth of knowledge that exists in the landcare community and be involved in the conversation by participating in the webinar on the day of the event. Or you can watch past webinars via the Landcare Australia website. It is free and easy to register – you only need to register once and we will keep you informed of upcoming webinars throughout the year.   

Hosted on the online community platform Landcarer, here is the Landcare Webinar Schedule with more to be added to the program next month:

Landcare Benchmarking Project: Natural capital footprint for improving sustainability | 8 April at 2pm AEDT

·       Facilitator: Mick Taylor, Landcare Farming Program Manager at Landcare Australia 

·       Speaker(s): Adrian Ward, Nature Accounting for Nature Ltd

·       Description: Throughout 2021 the Landcare Farming Program team will deliver a series of carbon footprint and natural capital accounting workshops nationally. Join us and find out how carbon footprint and natural capital schemes will underpin industry/sector sustainability strategy reporting, future investment and potential new markets.

Landcare outside Australia – what’s been achieved, and what can we learn? | 6th May at 2pm AEST
  • Facilitator: Andrea Mason, Chair Global Landcare
  • Speaker(s): Rob Youl, Vice Chair Global Landcare | Tony Bartlett, former Forestry Research Program Manager
  • Description: Rob and Tony will share the incredible work occurring in landcare outside of Australian borders, what we can learn from it, and where it is all headed.
Natural resource management – from traditional methods to modern innovation | 24 June at 2pm AEST
  • Facilitator: James Walsh, Head of Landcare Services for Landcare Australia
  • Speaker(s): Tein McDonald, Bureau of Meteorology | Amy Lepinay, Sunbirds Aero
  • Description: Coming up in this webinar is a fascinating discussion with Tein who will provide a history of the bush regeneration movement in Sydney. Amy will introduce how technology has impacted our resource management methodology by using drones for weed spotting.
The Power of Landcare Partnerships | 29 July at 2pm AEST

·       Facilitator: Xuela Sledge, Greater Sydney Landcare Network

·       Speaker(s): Henrietta Mooney, Hunter Region Landcare Network | Nicole Maher, Murrumbidgee Landcare

·       Description: In this discussion, Nicole and Henrietta will speak to Xuela about how their networks coordinate and build strong relationships within and across landcare communities and government bodies. 

To register for the Landcare Webinar Series, or watch the recordings of previous webinars please Visit this page.