Noosa & District Landcare Group
Intense canopy fires and the complete destruction of canopy trees in 2019 had allowed the proliferation of significant vine, grass and shrub weeds to occur at several locations in the Peregian Beach and Weyba Downs vicinity.
The weed management and revegetation project developed by Noosa and District Landcare Group in partnership with Peregian Beach Community Bushcare Group, Ozfish (Noosa Chapter), Noosa Council and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service was funded with $51,000 from the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grant Program.
These areas are habitat for a variety of species including Oxlyean Pygmy Perch, Honey Blue Eye, Wallum Sedgefrog, Ground Parrot, Koalas, Glossy Black Cockatoo, and plant species including Emu Mountain Sheoak.
Jennifer Coleman, Project Officer, Noosa and District Landcare Group said, “The Peregian Beach Bushfire Project has contributed to the long-term recovery of native bushland’.
Reduction of weed volume throughout nine hectares of severely burnt areas has allowed natural regeneration and resilience of the wetland and woodland areas. Core bushland areas that may need further follow up have been identified.
Revegetation with 2000 plants provided replacement of species lost due in the fire and increased biodiversity. The Landcare contracting team and community working bees have increased awareness and the project has had over 60 volunteers attending events – planting trees and learning about the impacts that the 2019/2020 bush fires had on their local bushland.
Local residents are now more aware of the importance of post fire bush regeneration works. Residents were also made aware of native pants that they could plant in their garden that would provide habitat and food sources for local wildlife and how to ensure that garden weeds are controlled and not dumped in the bushland.
The project has drawn in new Landcare members and connected community groups that have the potential to help restore and care for natural areas.