We are pleased to inform you that insurance coverage for QWaLC member groups is continuing for the next 12 months.
There will be a slight delay in providing certificates of currency due to a hiccup in the production of the 1500 pdf certificates we need. The certificates of currency will be emailed out to member groups that completed the membership and insurance renewal survey earlier this year. This emailing of certificates will now happen next week (3rd-7th April).
Don’t worry, even though you do not have your 3 certificates of currency your insurance coverage is ongoing.
Information is always available on the QWaLC website. The policy wording documents for this years three policies will be uploaded and available on the website.

If you have not received your three certificates of currency via email by the 7th April please contact Darryl

Thanks again to the Queensland Government for providing the resources that ensure QWaLC’s 480 member groups and 38000 volunteers have access to appropriate insurance coverage.