QWaLC has finalised ongoing insurance coverage for all QWaLC member groups (until 31st March 2023). Due to the continuing volatile and hardening insurance market it took a little longer this year to ensure that the coverage available was suitable across our diverse membership.

Thanks to AON Brisbane and the continued funding from the Queensland Government we are able to offer ongoing governance and insurance support for the fantastic work undertaken by more than 444 member groups and 32,000 volunteers across Queensland.

There are some changes required this year so we will be providing updated information over the next few weeks. The new policy wording documents will be available on the QWaLC website as soon as they are received.

For those members who have completed this years annual membership and insurance survey your three certificates of currency will be emailed out to you over the next few days. Keep an eye out for an email from Lane.

If you haven’t completed the survey yet or don’t receive your certificates of currency please contact us.

Don’t forget it is NFP Insurance Week next week.