Watergum and Clarence Landcare
Clarence Landcare in NSW and Watergum have come together to deliver the Great Cane Toad Bust with funds from a Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grant.

Recent research has shown a boom in cane toad numbers and an accelerated geographical movement in bushfire affected areas. This is due to the destruction of vegetation barriers, the creation of open plains and pathways and the arrival of two wet seasons that followed the fires, producing perfecting conditions for breeding.

The Great Cane Toad Bust is a national toad busting competition running from Monday January 24th – Sunday January 30th 2022 with community groups across four states going toe to toe to catch the most cane toads.

It aims to enhance the recovery and maximise the resilience of fire-affected native plant and animal species, ecological communities, and natural assets, to build capacity for better delivery of environmental bushfire recovery projects, to increase engagement and participation of local landcare groups, landholders and others in bushfire recovery activities

Managed by Clarence Landcare and Watergum, Captain Groups are supported to provide community education, training and activities that culminate in the week-long Great Cane Toad Bust event. This event aims to create a network of organisations committed to cane toad control, while encouraging community members to participate in this fun and worthwhile activity.

Engaging communities across Australia in this way will reduce cane toad numbers and their impact on native fauna, with the key take home message being that cane toad control is easy, enjoyable and everyone’s responsibility.

With nearly 9000 toads reportedly removed from the environment on the first day of The Great Cane Toad Bust, it just has to be making a difference! Find out more at http://www.watergum.org/