The State of Volunteering in Queensland 2021 Report is the inaugural report into the status, and the economic and social value of volunteering.

This report provides an empirical evidence base that will inform the future of volunteering in Queensland.

The report’s findings are numerous and have the potential to significantly influence the strategic direction of Queensland’s volunteering sector by providing:

  • Quantification of the social, economic and cultural contribution that volunteering makes to Queensland volunteers, businesses, all levels of government and the broader community
  • Robust social and economic information and advice to assist stakeholders in making strategic decisions about future resource allocation
  • Benchmarking of the outcomes of volunteering in Queensland against which to measure future performance and the impact of any strategic changes
  • Comparative data on the outcomes of volunteering in Queensland, the impact of a crisis and the barriers to participation
  • Evidence-based data for informed decision making by Volunteering Queensland, government, volunteer involving organisations and other key stakeholders