In 2014 Green Cross Australia is leading a huge waste pick up across Queensland and we want your school to get involved, if you are already running a clean up why not register it with us, you’ll be supporting the important work of Tangaroa Blue, and also becoming eligible for your accreditation through Cleaner Greener Schools! Plus, at the end of the year your efforts will be recognised at the Green Lane Diary Awards.

Register now: School participation agreement form

We will provide you with the tools and resources you need to clean up your local community’s parks, creeks and beaches. Your school will work with other groups to make a positive difference and pick up rubbish that ends up in our waterways.

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This is a great way to give your students and the wider school community a chance to make an important contribution to the reduction of waste in our natural environment!

If you particpate in the Green Lane Clean Up and are also involved in other green activities, you will become eligible for your first star through Keep Queensland Beautiful’s program Cleaner Greener Schools .