Reef Assist 2.0 is focused on the creation of skill development and job opportunities, including for unemployed and under-employed people, youth, women and First Nations people. The aim of Reef Assist 2.0 is to support the development of training and partnering arrangements that will lead to ongoing employment for participants, with the generation of local economic activity in related businesses such as heavy machinery operation, landscaping material suppliers, quarries and plant nurseries.

Eligible project activity locations include the following NRM regions within the Reef catchment:

  • Cape York
  • Wet Tropics
  • Burdekin
  • Mackay Whitsunday Isaac
  • Fitzroy
  • Burnett Mary

Eligible organisations are strongly encouraged to partner with each other, as well as with additional local stakeholders and organisations, such as Landcare groups, nature refuge landholders, industry groups, Indigenous organisations and River Improvement Trusts, in submitting their offer and in the delivery of successful projects. Successful suppliers may subcontract works for approved projects or engage other existing trained service providers or local recruitment agencies.

  • The six Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations within the Reef catchment (see eligible project activity locations information below)
  • local governments located within the Reef catchment
  • Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger groups with authority to undertake land rehabilitation and restoration work in Reef regions
  • Independent Statutory Organisations operating within the Reef catchment with a land management focus, such as the Wet Tropics Management Authority
  • Landcare Groups within the Reef catchment that are current members of Queensland Water & Land Carers Inc
  • Aboriginal Corporations or Indigenous-owned Companies operating within the Reef catchment that have a strong natural resource management or land restoration focus
  • Selected private organisations based outside the Reef catchment with a proven track record in delivering eligible activities successfully within Reef catchment – such as Greening Australia and Bush Heritage Australia.

If you are interested in participating in this opportunity please speak directly with any of the groups above that you already have a relationship with or would like to collaborate with.

If you would like further information about this opportunity please email