Threatened Species Recovery Fund Open Round

Funding amounts between $20,000 and $250,000 are available for grants to eligible groups though this Competitive Round.

The Threatened Species Strategy contains a five year Action Plan that sets out areas where the Australian Government will focus to achieve signi cant, positive results. The four key Action Areas are: Tackling feral cats; Creating safe havens for species most at risk; Improving habitat; and Intervening in emergencies to avert extinctions.

The Action Plan also contains one, three and five year targets by which to measure success. Broadly, the year five targets include: Improving the population trajectories of 20 threatened mammals, 20 threatened birds and 30 threatened plants by 2020 (the Targeted Species); Feral cat targets—including culling two million feral cats, establishing 10 mainland feral-free fenced areas, achieving 12 million hectares of best-practice feral cat management and eradicating feral cats from five islands, by 2020; and Improving recovery practices—to ensure our threatened species are backed by the best systems of governance and accountability to support
their recovery.

Applications must be submitted by Thursday 15th June 2017 at 2pm [AEST]